Follow the golden rule of Ergonomics with Humanscale Freedom Chair

Suddenly the office world (And the WFH world, too) it’s getting a little complex. The rise of the Covid19 menace has changed a lot the way we do the things at work, but there are big changes in the technology of working, too. Many of these changes and innovations can make us feel a little confused or worried, but in the name of Humanscale Furniture, we can give you some guidance to make good choices for yourself, your work team, or your home office.

There are now a lot of ergonomic wonders to choose if we want a better and comfortable performance. But what to choose? maybe this rule gives us a good hint.

“The secret of a healthy work routine rests in alternate your posture several times a day”

The golden rule of an Ergonomic work routine

So, the advice for you goes like this: More important that your furniture is to keep in mind to stop prolonged postures, either stand or sit. What really counts is to alternate your routine every 45 minutes, more than less, from stand to sit or viceversa. In order to do it properly, you must think what is the best combination of furniture, tools, and gadgets to allow you to complete a healthy work routine alternating your posture.

Trust in Humanscale Furniture as your better ally to help you design your work routine with quality innovations like the Humanscale Monitor Arms; the Humanscale Quickstand; and the Humanscale Freedom Chair.