How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Working From Home, WFH is here to stay. According to a recent survey, the expectation of full-time remote workers around the world will double from 16.4% before the COVID-19 outbreak to 34.4% in 2021. So, there is a lot of people finding that their living room or kitchen table is their new hot spot of their homes. What can they do to make it better?

If you are incorporated in the WFH revolution, you need the best possible spot to have a great performance. An isolated corner with no vent, or light, or uncomfortable chairs may affect you, not only physically, but psychologically. Manhattan Office Design and Humanscale Furniture may help you with some very useful tips to take into consideration.

As natural as you can

One recurrent critic about the traditional office has to do with its closed environment: electric lights and ventilation systems. You are now in your own place, and maybe you have a better opportunity to get a better environment. Look for the best combination of natural light and fresh air that your home may give you, to locate your home office. Light deficit must be cop with electric solutions (task lamps, floor lamps)

Ergonomic Furniture

A really crucial point. If you are a regular full-time remote worker, is very probably that you spent most of your workday handling a single computer or several devices. You are exposed to the health risks of prolonged sitting. Don’t trust your lower back to that old grandma’s antique, just because is what looks better in your living room. The vanity mirror table maybe is not good support for your laptop; especially if you use it 8 hs a day. Take the advice from the experts, and get ergonomic solutions that fit in your budget and will improve your health and performance. Manhattan Office Design and  Humanscale Furniture have great innovations in home office wellbeing that will surprise you.


You are in your own place. That’s good…Isn’t it? In case of some recurrent disturbances of your privacy (pets, children, surrounding noises) and in need of a quiet workday, you must get to know some alternative tools in isolation to complete an adequate home office. From simple room dividers to isolation panels, there are plenty of solutions with several budget ranges.


Colors have a great impact on our psyche and our well-being. Some people react to one color one way, and others in a different way. Consider what most designers and decorators say about the better palette for your workspace (clear, neutral colors to keep focused; purple, indigo nuances to stimulate your imagination) and take the choice that makes you feel better.

Customize it

Is your own place in the end. Your own needs will determine the right mix of elements that make it work for you. Being a place of work and performance is convenient to get rid of any visual disturbance as well (TVs, ornaments, game consoles), but giving some space for that single detail (a plant, a portrait) that makes you feel comfortable and motivated. Manage storage and furniture depending on your daily routine requests, but keep in mind that your desk gets better the cleaner you keep it.

With the most innovative approach and the best quality of manufacture,  Humanscale Furniture can bring you the best experience in ergonomics and productivity for your Home Office. Take a look at Manhattan Office Design and find out about great solutions like the Humanscale Freedom Chair, or the Humanscale Monitor Arms.

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