How to Test a Freedom Task Chair, by Humanscale Furniture

When it comes to office furniture, some elements in our chairs or tables may lead us to confusion or just being plain annoying. Sometimes one single office chair or desk has too many levers, locks, buttons, or swivel mechanisms.

These mechanisms, though, were designed to provide you with comfort and command over your own furniture. But too many may result in non-practical and even to confuse.  But definitely, that’s not the case with the Humanscale Freedom Chair, designed by Humanscale Furniture.

Created  to be the most intuitive design in the market, the Humanscale Freedom Chair avoids excessive buttons or command swivels. To make you feel comfortable in your chair, just with follow some very simple instructions to experience a good, comfortable seat.

The simplicity and excellence in Design by Humanscale Furniture is noticeable in this instructive video where you can see how simple is to adjust your Freedom Chair, and how is that your weight and contour of your body what defines the best posture for you in this marvelous design.

From the button to the top 


The first and more important adjustment in any office chair is the height control, at the bottom of your seat. You should take it to the right level according to your own size. The ideal posture is with your thighs in parallelly with the floor, and with your feet placed comfortably on the floor.


Right after, your tilt is quite important, too. Adjust the depth of your seat with the tilt control and procure a distance between the back of your knees and your seat about 2 inches.

Back Seat.

Then, recline your back and feel how the Humanscale back support adapts to your body. If it’s necessary, graduate the backrest lever of your Humanscale Freedom Chair, up or down to make you feel more comfortable.

Arm Rests.

Finally, take up or down its armrests and notice how they are attached to the main body of the chair, and not to the seat, as most of the office chairs in the market. This gives the Freedom Chair a sense of comfort and a unique reclining experience because the armrests are going with you every time you recline,  keeping the same proportion.  Notice that you only have to take one armrest in your hand to move to adjust both in a very simple way.

The Freedom Chair, by Humanscale Furniture is one of the top task chairs in the market. If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust in Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like Humanscale Furniture, at really affordable prices.