Humanscale Furniture and Ergonomics: Is avoid sitting the best alternative to improve my posture?

If you want to avoid sitting while working, keep in mind that just “avoiding sitting” is not good for your health.

If you work only stand all day or several hours on a daily basis, you will suffer from knees, feet, and back pain, just the same way a regular person suffers from back pain due to being seated for an excessive lapse of time.

What really counts is to alternate your position, from seated to stand, on regular lapses. Think about 45 minutes in each lapse, to start. At the moment of the stand session, Humanscale has two great solutions for a comfortable and efficient performance:

Monitor Arms is designed to hold one or two monitors in the angle you prefer.

It let you working stand and even working in a team with comfort. On the other hand, Humanscale Quickstand allows you to lift your entire work surface, without the need of replacing your desk.

Trust in Humanscale Monitor Arms and Humanscale Quickstand, and go to Manhattan Office Design, where you can get the best relation quality/price for the best support in your office with Humanscale furniture