Humanscale Furniture: Ecology and Ergonomics

We are living in times of change, and the growing environmental consciousness reflects in our workspaces.

For most employees, to have the opportunity to work in an ecologically friendly place is considered now a plus. The level of ecological commitment of its company can be a significant factor to make a decision. Certifications and quality processes standards help your company to build a responsible ‘green’ image, but your furniture and interior design can send a powerful message too.

That’s why  Manhattan Office Design, your alternative in office furniture in NY has powerful top brands that bring to your office not only the quality and comfort of a great manufacturer but the virtues of a great design. That is the case of Humanscale Furniture, with a high range of products for performance workplaces and home offices; like the Humanscale Freedom Chair, or the Humanscale Monitor Arms. Nowadays is the turn of the Liberty Ocean Chair, a revolutionary way to introduce not only an environment-friendly product, but a major design effort to contribute to a better place.

Humanscale Liberty Chair, and the Humanscale Liberty Ocean Chair.

Designed by the genius of Niels Diffrient, the Humanscale Liberty Chair, is an evolution from the original Humanscale Freedom Chair. The now-classic Freedom Chair,  considered by many experts like one top quality and ergonomic executive chair, required a complementary line for all team members, keeping most of the features of the original. This way, the Humanscale  Liberty Chair was born. On the other hand, the Humanscale Liberty Ocean Chair has the particularity of using two pounds of fishing nets in some parts of its body. For the Design team of Humanscale Furniture, this was quite a challenge, since the structural condition of the fishing nets requires special settings to make it dry by complete. This results in additions of time and costs for Humanscale. Nevertheless, the firm is taking these costs, betting for long-term satisfaction, and a true commitment to the environment, while encouraging other firms to do the same. 

Humanscale Furniture has already a long time with us, since the 1980s, always showing a real interest in advanced design. Classic products like the Freedom task Chair, or the new  Liberty  Ocean Chair, are always created with the highest standards on Ergonomic design, and the best materials. Nowadays, Humanscale Furniture is undertaking the introduction of new materials and designs to transform your workspace, as a really modern furniture provider. Manhattan Office Design is your place for Humanscale Furniture and to create the modern office that works for you.

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