Humanscale Furniture Freedom Chair Has It All: Headrest For Maximum Comfort -And More-

Looking for the ultimate comfortable and adjustable chair? Humanscale Furniture Freedom fits the part perfectly. With a wide range of features (headrest, backrest, armrests and seat adjust to suit your body seamlessly), this Humanscale Furniture chair is the perfect addition for your office. Since working at home is vital these days, Humanscale Furniture knows how to fix your “office chairs NY” search and offer the perfect piece to work for many hours during the day. Office furniture design NYC never looked so good than with a Freedom designer office furniture NYC piece like this. Humanscale Furniture Freedom control its recline through its intelligent counter-balancing system and it also uses body weight to counter-balance the recline, something most office chairs won’t do. This gorgeous and comfortable piece is unlike any other chair, treating your back and spine with love and care from the beginning to end of your daily work routine.

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A Humanscale Office Freedom Chair Is Elegant And Comfortable At The Same Time

The gorgeous and functional Humanscale Furniture Freedom chairs are described by The New York Times as “the gold standard office seating”, and this has its reasons, redefining the concept of traditional task chairs. Our favorite feature of this Humanscale Furniture office chair is the counter-balancing system, which eliminates the need for obtrusive knobs and tension control levers. This unique office furniture NYC piece was made to be used for many hours without sacrificing elegance. Whether you choose to work at home or go to the office, this Humanscale Furniture Freedom office chair will sure look impeccable at any corner it’s placed.

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