Humanscale Furniture is Your Choice for a Succesful Office Renovation

Getting back to normalcy, you want your business in full operation and maybe some office renovation is required. Your choices for office furniture in NY are multiple, but few brands like Humanscale Furniture may give you that high-quality level of design you are looking for.

Why Humanscale is a good ergonomic choice?

 Humanscale Furniture is a high-quality brand, characterized by a strong effort in design and technology. Each Humanscale product, whether a chair, a table, or an office tool, aims to bring you the best possible ergonomic experience. While other brands may focus on aesthetics or low prices, you can be sure that Humanscale Furniture will bring you the ultimate experience for a productive workday.

Where is Humanscale Furniture manufactured?

Humanscale Furniture is manufactured in the USA. It was founded in 1983 by Bob King. Since its very foundation, it was focused on high-performance furniture with the latest innovations in ergonomics and quality.

What’s is Humanscale Furniture best known for?

The Humanscale Freedom Chair and the Humanscale Liberty Chair are among the most famous products of Humanscale Furniture. Celebrated among specialized press and users as one of the top brands of the market, Humanscale Furniture is always reviewed as high-quality, performance furniture.  Its performance tools, like the Humanscale Quickstand, and the Humanscale Monitor Arms are very popular too.

Why is famous the Humanscale Freedom Chair?

Both the Freedom Chair and the Liberty Chair are very popular office chairs in the high-performance segment of the market. Created by Niels Diffrient, one remarkable industrial designer, the Freedom Chair has a high-end, intuitive design, with an innovative weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism which is its trademark.

How to see the Humanscale furniture?

If you live in NYC and are about to undertake an office renovation, nothing like experiencing the touch and feel in your own hands. You have Manhattan Office Design to come with you along the way. Visit us in our Humanscale Showroom, in the heart of the city at 325 W 38th St., very near to Times Square, and Hudson Yards.

For further information about office furniture in NY, don’t hesitate to call Manhattan Office Design for a fast and quality response, at  (212) 466-6476, or send us an email at