Humanscale QuickStand: Your key to a healthy working day

A very practical solution to a serious threat to our health: the prolonged sitting. HumanScale designed the HumanScale QuickStand, a mobile adjustable workstation to give you the chance to alternate your workday: stand or sit.

HumanScale QuickStand White
Source: Manhattan Office Design

There is growing evidence that prolonged sitting is a very risky condition for our health. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, an excessive number of hours sitting increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, among other health issues.  alternate postures during the workday is the best way to keep our organism in a good way. 

Besides, there are clear benefits you obtain to alternate your position with regularity: 

More focus. The variation between sitting and stand ensures better circulation of your blood, so your brain gets more oxygen.

More creative. You are capable of generate more ideas when you walk, that is a well known fact. Alternate postures helps to boost creativity, alone or with your team.

Burn calories. When you alternate your position and stand, you pump 10 times more blood to your body than sit, and that makes you burn more calories, something that contributes to an overall improvement of your health.

Alternate stand and sit during the workday
Source: American Institute of Cancer Research

So, there is no doubt that a dynamic solution like the Humanscale QuickStand is an absolutely useful tool, and an excellent way to show to your team how much you care about them. You can find it in Manhattan Office Design for a very affordable price.

HumanScale QuickStand alone
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