Stand up and keep moving with Humanscale Furniture

From a very trustable source, as the Mayo Clinic, and one of his most reputed physicians, Francisco Lopez Jimenez,  M.D., we can see how to work standing, for at least a good part of the work day is considered as the best you can do for your health.

Year after year, we can appreciate that there is mounting evidence of the benefits of an active way of working, whether to be standing, walking, or seating in alternate lapses of time is  the regular way, instead of hours of quiet sit downs.

In voice of the Francisco Lopez Jimenez, MD and cardiologist of this institution, one of the best benefits of the habit of working standing, is to burn a lot more calories than when you are seated. According to Lopez, working stand may make you burn almost half of the total calories you burn while you doing a walk.

While is clear than prolonged sitting is bad for your health, you must be cautious about taking the extreme opposite, by just working stand. The ideal of a workday combines always movement, and avoid to stay in the same posture for more than 45 minutes or one hour.

This is why a modern office must evolve to provide health and wellbeing to its people. The image of an office employee seated in a regular wood desk, is now gone. A dynamic workstation with  options in movement and posture is the new way to keep a focused, productive  workforce.

The Humanscale Quickstand

The Humanscale QuickStand is a large platform that clamps in your work desk seamlessly, and adjusts its height according to your needs. It will allow you to alternate sit/ stand hours for a productive routine without moving from your current workstation. Actually, in the interview with Dr. Francisco Lopez he states that prefers a Humanscale Quickstand  type of solution  for his home, than a regular Sit / Stand desk

The Humanscale Monitor Arms

Made to improve your comfort and ease in your workstation, Humanscale Monitor Arms comes with groundbreaking features like Weight-compensator Mechanisms and Self-Lubricating Precision Bearings, which allows you to easily adjust your monitor and workstations to your optimal ergonomic position while also providing top-to-bottom power and cable management.

The Humanscale Float Desk

Always underestimated until recently, too,  a desk for a Working Station was considered satisfactory whenever it has a clean cut surface and enough space for a personal computer and some space for notes. Nowadays, the advances in ergonomics highly recommend to alternate your posture every hour. Since then, the sit/stand desk is a must. The HumanScale Float Desk has a very friendly interface and it’s very easy to operate.

Humanscale Furniture, the leading brand in ergonomic furniture and productivity, is the  ultimate source of quality and technological innovation to make it great, not only in the office, but in your very Home Office. 

As you can see, Humanscale Furniture has the tools you need for a healthy, productive workday.  If you are looking for Office Furniture Design in NYC, trust in Manhattan Office Design, the reliable NYC dealer in office solutions, with the best brands in the market, like Humanscale Furniture, at really affordable prices.