Thinking in Office Renovation in NY? This brief glossary may help (I/II)

So many things happening so fast, and your business need to keep the pace. Maybe you, like many business owners are in the urgent need in the moment to make some changes in your office.

Teleworking, new requirements of biosecurity and safety are making it all a little complex. Maybe its good to refresh some office terms in the perspective of a office renovation in NY.

Working From Home, WFH 
A new trend in the labor market that progressively is adopted in NYC. Due to Covid19, employers send home as many employees they can, to work from their homes. It requires that every employee must have access to internet and the minimal conditions to make its job. It includes furniture, computer devices and any other indispensable device. 

Home Office 

When it comes to the labor market, Home Office is the personal space in your home assigned to do your job, in a regular or circumstantial way. While it can’t be called properly as an office or studio, it has all the elements required to work if you need to. 


A term used in the office environment, a workstation is one unit of furniture where one employee is located to to the most part of its daily job. A workstation has some essential features and furniture to guarantee a comfortable and efficient performance. A chair, a desk, computer devices, internet, data and power sources, and storage facilities. In medium or big companies, workstations are displayed in groups to allow a better use of resources and efficiency in the assignment of power, data and space. Workstations use to divide their individual spots with the help of panels or benches. 

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