Thinking in Office Renovation in NY? This brief glossary may help (II/II)

Let’s continue with a brief glossary of this series of new terms that emerged in this new era of Working From Home and COVID 19.

Monitor Arms
Its a mechanical arm, which can be clamped in your desk and holds one or two monitors at the same time. It will let you to manipulate your monitors in different angles: up, down, left, right, oblique. With Monitor Arms you lift your screen to work stand, or getting it close to your work partner. 

Sit -Stand Device
Its a mechanical lift that hold your monitor along with a medium pad work surface, with space enough to use your keyboard, mouse and taking some notes. 

Stand Desk 
The Stand Desk feature an electronic or mechanic facility that gives you a large surface to work with, either stand or sit. Depending of the model, you can lift it gently with a digital control. While it keeps stand there is a lot of activities you can do without sitting (check your mail, google something),and that brings you focus.

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