Humanscale Infinity Lamp

Humanscale has been examining the role that lighting plays on productivity and office comfort for a long time. They know that lighting also plays a part in ergonomics, being around bright lights for extended periods of time can become tiresome and detrimental to one’s health.

Humanscale Infinity Lamp
Humanscale Infinity Lamp

Alternatively, they have begun to develop smart lighting solutions to accompany the next generation of office spaces and innovative office furniture.

Humanscale Infinity lamp is one of their most successful lighting products. It is a singular table lamp that projects a steady LED beam into the desk’s surface.

The idea behind the lamp is for users to have access to a dual-lighting scheme to avoid certain ailments like Computer Vision Syndrome, which is comprised of eye strains, headaches, blurred vision, and other syndromes.

Features, price, and specifications

The Infinity lamp is the pioneering product in Humanscale’s proposal for ‘ergonomic lighting.’ Their QuickBuy models start at $579 and include Humanscale ‘Forever Hinges’ technology to avoid constant adjustments, and its large-array multi-chip smart LED technology to ensure that you use the table lamp efficiently.

Humanscale Infinity Light
Humanscale Infinity Light

Sustainability is also at the core of ergonomic lighting. The Infinity lamp’s bulb produces 3000 K warm white light that will help your eyesight. The blue light generated by computer screens is very damaging to our vision, especially because we tend to use for longer periods of time and without adjusting the brightness.

Having a second light source relieves the strain of looking at the computer’s blue light, which users should also dim when it’s nighttime (there are a lot of great free apps to do this nowadays).

With a 35-inch arm reach and full 180-degree turning capabilities, the lamp is as adaptable as it is efficient. The power consumption is only 8 watts, producing enough light for comfortable usage but without adding to the overall energy consumption of the office.

The frame is made of both polished aluminum and recyclable material, and the finish is a coat of polyethylene film instead of regular paint (which is much more contaminating). Aside from its sustainable properties, the lamp also has a lifetime of about 50,000 hours, which amounts to a 10-year warranty.

Last but not least, the lamp features a smart user interface of small lights that only appear when the user presses on the head pad. You get nine different levels of brightness and Humanscale’s trademark smart lighting features, which include a built-in dimmer switch that turns the light off when you’re not around.

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