5 Ways to Get a Better Posture, according to David Zhang

Nowadays the market has a variety of products to improve your posture while you work, attending to the ultimate ergonomic advances. Nevertheless, these products may do a little contribution to your health if they are not properly used. As  users, we must always keep in mind to focus in certain practices and habits to guarantee a healthy work day. Our office or home office furniture will help us to  make it better and more productive, only if we make our part, too.

According to David Zhang, an outstanding influencer when it comes to tech, office gear, and games, these are the 5 tips to make a difference in our posture at work.

Don’t sit up straight.

There is a misconception about a straight position that is widely extended. To keep a straight position while we are seated means that our low back is going to suffer lots of pressure. The best we can do is to relax and recline to some degree. That’s why a good, reliable ergonomic chair with proper tilt control and back support is highly recommendable.

Adjusting your chair’s height.

Usually, when you discuss the topic of a good posture in your WFH desk or your workstations, the first recommendation is to adjust the height of your chair to a level that allows you to put your feet comfortably on the floor. According to David Zhang, that’s not correct. What you should do is to consider your desk’s height. You must take the height level of your chair so your forearms and hands lay comfortably on your desk, with your arms at a 90 degrees angle. It’s important to consider sit/ stand up desks to make a working combination of the height of your table and your arms, and the comfort of your feet. If you consider it necessary, you can use a feet rest to help your feet to reach the floor.

Avoid drawers under your table.

Some desks have drawers and shelves under their surface, often at one of two extremes. From a functional point of view, this can be very convenient, since you are getting the most of space, but is not that good when it comes to ergonomics. These lower drawers may stress the lower half of our body, that’s not a good thing.

Wrist rests.

They became very popular several years ago, but nowadays they’re fading. Wrist rests in theory may help when we pose the back of our wrist in its little gel cushion. Today there are keyboard extensions where instead of our wrist, we can relax the back of our palm. According to David Zhang, that type of extension works very well with low-profile keyboards.

Work Standing.

Very in tune with the current office trends, outstanding influencers like David Zhang agree with the use of a standing desk, in the style of the Humanscale Furniture’s Floating Desk. Although he’s not really sure on what’s the right balance between sit or standing posture during a workday, he agrees with the invigorating role of a standing session, and the convenience of keeping on movement regularly on several lapses.

As we can see the secret of a healthy and productive workday lies in the right combination of personal posture and awareness, and the right office gear. In Manhattan Office Design we are ready to help you with the best selection of office tools, with the top quality brands, like Humanscale Furniture, with the Floating Desk and the Monitor Arms, and Global Furniture Group, with Factor, the leading brand in office chairs.

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