Quickstand Workstations From Humanscale Furniture: A Revolutionary Piece For Your Office

Comfortness is key to achieve your highest level of productivity, and Humanscale Furniture knows it. That’s why Quickstand Workstations were created: to offer you the ability to sit and stand in any way you desire, brought to you by Humanscale Furniture dealer in New York City: Manhattan Office Design. If you are currently looking to do some office renovation NY, then the Humanscale Furniture Quickstand Workstation is the ultimate and perfect piece to improve your interiors. Its height-adjustable standing desk will instantly turn any desk with fixed-height into an sit to stand one. This type of office furniture design NYC promotes ergonomics, health well-being in the offices of the city. Improve your office design NY with this comfortable and great-looking piece. Your employees will thank you -and us- for such a modern addition to your workpace.

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What Makes This Humanscale Furniture Quickstand So Special?

The Humanscale Furniture Quickstand is voted as the best office accessory of the decade at Interior Design magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Awards. There’s no doubt that this office furniture design NY will transform your spaces with its unique and comfortable features. The Humanscale Furniture Quickstand Workstations raises the bar of ease of use and stability among sit/stand products. Humanscale Furniture cares about your well-being and comfortness, creating a piece like this to improve your working experience. Due to its minimal aesthetics, the Quickstand can seamlessly integrate cable management, mechanisms and moving parts into its chassis. It frees up spae and transforms the traditional work surfaces in its entirety.

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