What differentiates the Freedom Task Chair from the rest alternatives in the market?

The time has passed, and since 1999, the Freedom Task Chair became the standard of excellence in design and ergonomics for the world of task office chairs.

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair
Since 1999 Humanscale revolutionized the world of office chairs

A very well known worldwide brand, but when it comes to stablish whats its main attribute, nevertheless, phrases like “outstanding design”, or “ergonomics” are the first mentioned. But more exactly, what they really mean when we talk of the Freedom Chair?

The distinctive feature of the Freedom Chair is its self-adjustment mechanism, that only requires one adjustment in the height when you sit for the first time. Then, the chair by itself will recline back keeping the line of view and adjusting your arms, too.

This mechanism its, called specifically, Weight sensitive – self-locking recline mechanism.

Self Adjustable Recline Mechanism of the Freedom Chair
The Freedom Chair was made by Neils Diffrient for Humanscale

In the back seat, this mechanism has a pivoted 7-degree tilt. This mechanism is self-locking, and it will recall its position when you sit again.

And at the same time, when you are reclining in your seat, its synchronous arm system of 8.8″ long will rise or descend until 5.85″ to adjust the seat level, when you get back to your desk.

The Freedom Chair Self Adjustment Recline System
Taking care of the neuralgic points of the human body when it is sitting: Back, Seat, and Head.

But not only the seat or the back are the areas where the Freedom Task Chair takes care of our body, but in our head too. Its headrest has a vertical adjustment of 5″ that allows you to recline without losing eye contact with your desk or colleagues.

So, now that you are aware and amazed like us with the powerful ergonomics of this standard of design, you can take action and give you the opportunity to take it to your workplace! In ManhattanOfficeDesign you will find your favorite model for just a fraction of the price. Take a seat where productivity and health come along naturally.