HumanScale QuickStand: Transform your desk from Dumb to Smart

With the risk of the prolonged sitting completely identified, and with a total consensus in the medical world about the benefits of alternate sit-stand positions in the office, it is clear that HumanScale QuickStand provides a very convenient solution for a dynamic workday.

HumanScale QuickStand
QuickStand makes easy to get around one monitor and talk.

How to provide a solution capable of getting the most of your workspace without overload it?

The answer is on the mechanism of the QuickStand. Its a large platform that clamps in your work space (table) seamlessly, and adjusts its height according to your need. 

The QuickStand also has a cable back compartment that allows you to plug all the cables, without much more visibility, providing you with a very clean design in any of its positions. This clean design has to do with the desk space too because the QuickStand has its own surface sustaining your keyboard, pad, and mouse. So, at the moment you elevate your QuickStand, you will see again clean your surface, while your keyboard, pad, and mouse are getting high too. 

HumanScale QuickStand alone

Now that you know the high benefits for the health and well being of your workforce of using this wonderful tool, don’t you think, you can give something important back to your team?. 

In Manhattan Office Design, in New York, you can get an excellent replica of this solution at a very affordable price. You can visit their Showroom too if you are passing through NYC.